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室内小空间装修效果图                                           800-1200元
家居装修空间效果图                                             800-1500元






Cooperation process (for off-site customers)

 Need to make the program send the drawings, we give you a reasonable offer, and timing.
Confirmation letter of intent issued after the needs of your company to our program documents, data need to include

Plan CAD files, CAD files and need to indicate on the location of the camera angle. Need to design drawings of each location, the type can include CAD drawings, elevations, hand drawings, pictures, references, etc., all can express specific information available. And the need to specify in detail the material category. 】

Information received after we began to organize the whole production, need to pay 50% deposit to you within 24 hours to see a small map, and the need to modify your intention to write. Free to modify the plans three times before (including any lighting model texture changes).
After the third revision of the size we will request you to render a map, then your company need to pay the full amount to us, after receiving confirmation we will send you into a graph.

Figure modified after a change need to charge fees. (If it is our problem we will be free to modify)
Free local small modifications, as appropriate. Major program changes we need to re-render, artwork fees will be charged 20% -50%


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